Mindful Mamas Class Series

Mindful Mamas is an 8-week course designed to help equip mothers to embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood and its impact on our identity, relationships, and more. Come join a small group of moms in a peaceful setting to learn tools and practices of mindfulness for parenting and to discuss topics such as finding balance and navigating hard seasons.

For moms and babies ages 4 months through 24 months old. Space is limited. 

Our most recent Mindful Mamas session has ended. Please check back or subscribe to the newsletter to be updated about the next session!

Mindful Mamas is a space for...

...Exploring the many significant identity shifts of becoming a new mother 

Meaning-making and identity exploration through discussion, reflection, and guided exercises.

Increasing self-awareness.


Engaging with other mamas who are going through a similar life stage; women who can relate!


This is a space for YOU. Because you are worth it. Let's say it again...you are worth it! In a season in which you are giving so much of yourself, this is a space to relax, breathe, relate with others, and explore your relationship with yourself and those around you. Self-care is valuable in and of itself, and it helps build a strong foundation for all that you do and all of your relationships.

Tools and Resources

Guided meditations.

Tools for navigating difficult seasons and situations.

A variety of ways of exploring this transitional season, including through artwork and storytelling.


what others are saying about Mindful Mamas...


"Thank you so much for facilitating such an amazing Mindful Mamas course! I have really enjoyed being a part of it and you have focused on some really great topics. I feel like I have been able to reflect on issues that have helped me grow, which has been an awesome experience.  I will treasure it."

"It felt so good to focus on me. I've been more purposeful with self-care - which makes me a happier mama."

"I loved her exercises and topics, and enjoyed the class thoroughly."

"Thanks for a great class - really added to my time as a mom! We've been trying to be intentional parents and this class has helped me think more about how I want to be (relaxed, calm, focused) as a mom."

Frequently Asked Questions

I love that this is a class where we focus on ourselves as moms. What are the babies doing during this time?

Playlab has lots of fun toys for the babies to share and play with! Sometimes, you'll be engaging in a reflective exercise that requires more thought or attention. In those cases, Lisa loves to hang out with the babies, read them books, and sing songs together.

Is this class affiliated with any particular religion or group?

No, it's not. All are welcome!

What is mindfulness and how does it relate to parenting?

In Mindful Mamas, mindfulness means: Intentionality. Self-awareness. Being present in our own bodies, here and now. Connecting mind and body in a society that doesn’t necessarily see the value in this (even though there is so much evidence to the realities of the connection and the value of being aware of these). It means trying our best to pause and start with curiosity. It means showing ourselves compassion by resisting the temptation to label ourselves as “bad moms.” It means learning to let go of self-judgement, addressing our inner critics with compassion and love, and in turn, to be able to love those around us – including our babies and those closest to us – more fully.

What does a typical class look like?

In general, we start with an icebreaker to get to know each other better, and then by greeting all the moms and babies with a song. We follow up on the "homework" from last week (the homework certainly isn't required; it's simply an opportunity for you to put certain ideas and skills into practice). Then we move onto our discussion topic or exercise of the day. We may end with a poem or guided meditation. During this time, the babies get to play with fun toys, or sometimes sing songs or hear a story if the moms are busy doing an exercise.


"...becoming a mother is an identity shift, and one of the most significant physical and psychological changes a woman will ever experience."

Alexandra Sacks, M.D.


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