Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

If you are expecting a child and want to...

  • Explore fears and anxieties regarding giving birth or taking care of your baby

  • Be coached in mindfulness tools that will help in labor and as a new parent

If you are a new parent and want to...

  • Explore identity shifts and relationship changes that accompany new parenthood.

  • Have a companion to walk with you through the spiritual* and emotional aspects of early parenthood 

  • Learn mindfulness tools to help you stay calm and present in frustrating situations

  • Create spiritually meaningful ways to mark baby's entrance into the world and your own birth as parent(s)

  • Have a non-judgmental, experienced spiritual* counselor serve as guide as you process your journey (for example, decision-making about when/how/if you'll return to work, the emotional stress of feeding issues, family dynamics, etc.)

...then please fill out the form below and Lisa will be in touch with you for a free phone consultation regarding mindfulness coaching and/or spiritual counseling. 

*An important note: "Spiritual" doesn't mean an affiliation with any particular religious tradition, but refers to the dictionary definition of "relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things."

Lisa is a trained interfaith chaplain/spiritual counselor who is experienced in working with people from various faith backgrounds or no faith background at all. A spiritual counselor is someone who is trained to walk alongside of you in a time of need, crisis, and/or transition. She is there to help guide and encourage you, and/or to help you find healing or reconciliation that comes from within your own worldview or spiritual tradition. A spiritual counselor is not a mental health professional.

Lisa's personal faith background is Christian and she holds a master's degree Fuller Theological Seminary, in addition to 1,600+ hours of training in interfaith chaplaincy in a hospital setting. She has also served as a spiritual counselor in hospice care. To learn more about Lisa's professional background, please click here.

As a chaplain, Lisa has walked alongside countless families in the midst of major life transitions, decision-making, and crises. Adding a child to one's family is seen as a reason for celebration! And while this is true, there are also huge emotional and spiritual challenges that come along with it. Lisa sees a vast need for spiritual care for new parents, who too often suffer in silence. She wanted to offer coaching and spiritual counseling to new and expectant parents because it is something she would have loved to have had when she became a new mom.

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